Causes and Symptoms of Cerebral Edema in Older Adults

Causes and Symptoms of Cerebral Edema in Older Adults

Brain swelling or cerebral edema does not develop overnight but when it does you will need Health Insurance 2020 from . Usually, it is provoked by some kind of disease, which the doctor must necessarily diagnose, otherwise swelling of the brain in an old person can lead to death. Also, it is almost impossible to eliminate the disease without identifying its cause.

Factors that cause swelling of the brain in seniors:

impaired blood circulation;

various hemorrhages in the brain;


massive transfusions;

various head and brain injuries;

acute inflammatory processes;

excess use of certain drugs;

fragile body in the postoperative period;

allergy with various manifestations.

Symptoms of cerebral edema in an old person are difficult to identify, because a number of other diseases may also show similar symptoms. And the only way to distinguish between them is through suitable medical examinations. If the patient experiences the below symptoms for an extended period of time, it would be wise to consult with an expert immediately.


lack of appetite;

nausea or vomiting;

lack of understanding of the surrounding reality;

thirst for sleep;

fatigue after sleep;

pain from the movement of the eyeballs.

This is an incomplete list of symptoms of cerebral edema in an old person. But if the patient is already experiencing the above symptoms, they need to urgently consult their doctor. If you notice that the patient feels very bad, immediately call an ambulance, and before its arrival, you should:

undress an elderly person and put them to bed;

open the windows, as the patient needs a sufficient amount of oxygen;

if the patient has vomiting, turn their head to a position where the vomit does not obstruct breathing;

if cramps begin, hold the limbs and head of the patient to avoid blows.

The rest should be assisted by specialists. A neurologist can detect edema of the brain in an old person if they notice that the patient’s condition is worsening and meningeal symptoms appear. Due to the fact that the swelling of the brain in an old person is a dangerous condition, it requires emergency medical care. Diagnostics must be carried out in special institutions as soon as possible in order to avoid further complications.

What Should Be Contained in The Best Medicare Supplement Plans?

What Should Be Contained in The Best Medicare Supplement Plans?

The best Medicare supplement insurance plans guarantee expenses not payed for by private insurance companies. These rates include co-payments, franchises and co-insurance. Some plans pay for these expenses, while others provide a cash benefit that is paid for a period or given to the person in a single solution.This fixed amount can be used to guarantee lost wages, transport costs due to medical treatment or to insure medicines, food and other unforeseen expenses due to illness or injury.

The best Medicare supplement insurance plans

Individuals who are already signed up to Medicare can also purchase supplemental coverage, which is marketed and sold by private companies. Primary health care, which includes Part A health insurance and Part B health insurance, pays for almost everyone except medical and health services.The best Medicare supplement insurance policy need to be able to guarantee the “gaps” that the main Medicare has reserved, such as franchises, co-insurance and co-payments. These expenses can be added in particular to people who are in the hospital or who need qualified assistance services. The plan also pays for medical services that a person seeks outside of the country and preventive services that were not approved by Medicare.

People who are enrolled in Medicare Part A and B and also in plans found on for the best 2020 Medicare Supplement Plans will initially pay Medicare their share of the approved medical services and Medigap will then pay its share of the costs.

Types of supplementary insurance

In addition to Medigap, there are three types of complementary plans widely used in the country. Plans are available as voluntary subsidies for employers or you can register directly with an insurance company.

Insurance against Severe Ailments

Sickness insurance or critical illness is intended to provide financial support to people with serious illnesses such as cancer. These plans provide an amount to help people deal with additional expenses related to the disease, but they are not insured by regular insurance programs or disability insurance. Depending on the plan, it can be used to pay for the following:

  • Franchises
  • Experts not related to the network.
  • Domestic help and child care.
  • Experimental treatment.
  • Travel and accommodation to receive assistance in a distant location.
  • Daily expenses, such as accounts, car payments and food.

Accidental death in the best Medicare supplement insurance

There are two types of accident plans, including accident insurance, accident insurance and accidental death. They are usually sold together. The benefits differ from one state to another due to different local regulations.The insurance against accidents and injuries in the hospital pays medical expenses derived from an accident that has not been approved by the health insurance. These plans will also reimburse for extended home care services, as well as lodging and travel expenses for members of the beneficiary’s family.A fixed amount is granted to the beneficiary of the person who died in an accident courtesy of the plan of death and dismemberment of the accident.

65 and above? Home safety tips for the seniors

65 and above? Home safety tips for the seniors

Safety at home is of importance especially to the older people. With increasing number of aged people living on their own, it is only wise and reasonable to take caution and see to their safety at home. This is because injuries to the seniors are usually more severe than that of the younger because of the thin skin and fragile bones. Also, because of the decline in the mental, physical and cognitive capabilities. In a study conducted by the National Institute of Aging, 22% of the seniors in America aged 71 and above (about 5.4 million) are experiencing decline in their mental function.

The health issues may not prevent them from carrying on with their daily activities but it could bring about certain degree of difficulty in either completing those activities or making complicated decisions. Hence, safety both in and out of the home should be a top priority for the elderly ones. Here are some safety tips to make ageing easier, safer and enjoyable at home:

Safety to prevent falls

  • Have your eyes checked regularly.
  • Have adequate lighting on the stairs and all the rooms.
  • Always turn lights on when you are about to enter a room especially when dark and make sure lamps and light switches can be easily accessed.
  • Do not place slip mats on the bathtub or shower floor
  • Do away with objects or structures in the house that can cause tripping.
  • See your doctor regularly to review your medications.
  • Do not use oil or lotions while in the bathtub, they could cause one to slip.
  • You can use a bath-chair so you don’t have to stand in the shower.
  • As precaution, install grab bars on the walls of the bathroom and toilet.
  • Clean yourself dry before you leave the bathtub. A wet hand and a wet floor increases the risk of slipping.
  • A handheld shower hose could make bathing easier.

Fire and kitchen safety

  • Ensure that you install smoke detectors in and around the house.
  • When cooking do not put on loose clothing as it may easily catch fire.
  • Do not leave a food you are cooking unattended to for a long while.
  • Avoid making use of electrical appliances with spoilt or frayed cords. This may lead to electricity induced fire outbreak.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher handy in the kitchen.

General home safety

  • Install a medical alert or buddy system.
  • Do not wear shoes that do not fit or that gave tendency to cause slip.
  • You can use a walking aid around the house.
  • As much as you can, avoid climbing or standing on ladders and chairs.
  • If there is a spill, wipe it off immediately and avoid using slippery wax on the floor.
  • Maintain clean and uncluttered floors.
  • Make sure your medications are properly labelled to avoid a mix up.
  • Do not borrow prescription drugs from others. Avoid self medication, see your doctor for yours.
  • Always keep emergency numbers handy.
  • Keep your windows and doors locked always and do not let strangers in when you are home alone.
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Dangers of Chronic Constipation in Seniors

Dangers of Chronic Constipation in Seniors

Chronic constipation must be treated on time, as it can lead to consequences of arying severity. The main complications of this condition are:

Crack in the anus

This is a condition where a rupture occurs in the mucous membrane lining the final section of the rectum, due to trauma by solid stool masses, which can have different shapes and different depths. If an acute fracture is not treated, it becomes chronic, which is accompanied by intense pain in the rectum, which becomes unbearable when using the toilet. Also, a rectal crack can become infected. In this case, an abscess may develop – paraproctitis; the absorption of bacteria into the blood can lead to infection of the latter.


The expansion is located in the rectum of the choroid plexus, which can bleed when straining, sometimes very strongly. In addition to bleeding, hemorrhoids can also cause severe rectal pain.

Chronic intoxication

The main objective of the large intestine is the absorption of excess fluid from the feces, as well as – to move them further into the rectal ampulla. When stool ceases to move (as a result of constipation or intestinal spasm), the absorption of fluid from them does not stop, and with this fluid toxic substances enter the blood, which should have been removed with feces. They poison the body.

If constipation in older people is treated independently, only with the help of laxatives, the intestines will become “lazy” and might not work independently, waiting for the next dose of the drug. Overcoming this issue can be quite challenging. In order to prevent the development of such consequences, you need to take your elderly relative to a gastroenterologist and carry out the examinations prescribed by them. And although such a diagnosis requires training in terms of compliance with the 3-day diet and taking “Activated Carbon” or another sorbent, appropriate treatment can be prescribed based on its results. If the patient is lying down, then a visit to the therapist may become essential.

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Personal Hygiene Tips for Senior Citizens

Personal Hygiene Tips for Senior Citizens

Speaking about the hygiene of an elderly person, one cannot fail to consider the issue of hygiene of the genitals. Below we have mentioned some of the useful tips which senior citizens above the age of 65 need to take into consideration when it comes to their personal hygiene.  Do not overdry the skin of the genitals, as this may lead to infection. When washing it is preferable to use herbal decoctions and sterilized vegetable oil, avoiding excessive use of soda solution, potassium permanganate, etc.

Changes in the endocrine system in the body of an elderly woman can cause discomfort and itching of the genitals. It is possible to prevent such unpleasant phenomena by giving preference to linen only from natural fabrics (cotton, linen). You should also exclude spicy and smoked food from your diet. If the itch still made itself felt, immediately consult a doctor. Older women should come to an appointment with a gynecologist at least twice a year because at this time the probability of diseases of the genitourinary system is especially high.

As for the hygiene of elderly men, they also need to be seen by a urologist at least twice a year. Timely medical care can prevent the development of prostate diseases, including oncology. Daily hygiene of the genital organs of elderly men including washing the area with warm water.

Memo for the elderly about personal hygiene:

According to the World Health Organization, human health is only 10% dependent on medical care, 20% on environmental conditions and the environment and another 20% on hereditary indicators. Half of the success on the road to longevity is determined by your lifestyle and nutrition system, dependence on bad habits and exposure to stress. Remember that the best treatment is prevention and that the state of your body depends primarily on yourself.

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Ointments to Treat Bedsores in the Elderly

Ointments to Treat Bedsores in the Elderly

1) Argosulfan

It is an antibiotic cream based on sulfathiazole, which effectively fights the growth and reproduction of pathogenic micro flora. The drug allows you to remove pain, moisturize the wound, speed up its healing process. The cream is applied to the previously cleaned surface of the bedsores with a layer of 2-3 mm 2-3 times a day. The drug can be used in conjunction with an occlusive dressing. Treatment lasts no more than two months.

2) Iruksol ointment

With this drug, you can clean the bedsore wounds and eliminate dead tissue. The ointment has a bacteriostatic effect.

3) Levosin ointment

The drug contains sulfadimetoksin and chloramphenicol, providing antimicrobial effect which promotes healing, and trimekain, which relieves pain. The ointment allows you to eliminate bedsores in the elderly in a short time. The decubitus wounds are cleansed of purulent accumulations. The ointment should be applied every day on pre-cleansed skin after which you need to cover the treated area with a dressing. The ointment can be injected into the purulent cavity with a syringe.

4) Levomekol

The ointment contains methyluracil and chloramphenicol. Its usage can help improve tissue regeneration. The ointment also has an antibacterial effect. It is used if the pressure ulcers in the elderly are purulent-necrotic in nature.

5) Metronidazole gel 0.75%.

The drug has a powerful antimicrobial effect. The gel is used with dressings. It inhibits the growth of microbes, eliminates unpleasant odor from pressure wounds. If the bedsores in the elderly are accompanied by abundant secretions, it is recommended to use a foam bandage with metronidazole. If we are talking about dry bedsores, then hydrogel dressings with metronidazole are better suited.

6) Proteox TM

This remedy is used to treat infected bedsores in the elderly. The drug is suitable for exposure to pressure sores in the final stage. It allows you to clean the bedsores from pus and dead tissue. In addition, it also prevents the development of inflammation and promotes healing.

7) Biaten AG

It allows you to treat weeping bedsores in the elderly, including those infected. Treatment requires the use of 1-10 dressings, each of which is applied for 1-7 days. Bandages are replaced as they are soaked.

8) Comfil Plus

It is suitable for the treatment of uninfected pressure sores.

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Major Differences Between Alzheimer’s and Pick Disease

Major Differences Between Alzheimer’s and Pick Disease

Diseases progress in old age and are characterized by increasing dementia, therefore, it is not easy to diagnose them. First of all, doctors examine the development and structure of the disease. They may evaluate the following changes:

1) Personality, memory and “instrumental” functions of the intellect

Pick’s disease is characterized by personality changes already at the beginning of the disease. The following may become noticeable:

  • Childishness;
  • Disinhi
  • Degradation of speech and motor activity;
  • Lack of spontaneity;

Unmotivated behavior.

Medicare supplement plan F 2019People who are beginning to develop Pick’s disease can, at the initial stage, perform actions that harm their social status and financial situation: for example, they leave home and work, they begin to wander. Although these symptoms are also characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease, they may develop when the disease has progressed much further. Alzheimer’s disease starts with memory loss. The patient forgets received information, new facts. Weak cognitive impairment occurs. Personality changes remain imperceptible for a long time.

2) Disturbances of speech, movements, reading, and writing

  • The next symptom of an early stage of Pick’s disease is a speech disorder:
  • Decreased speech activity;
  • Depletion of vocabulary;
  • Stereotype

In Alzheimer’s disease, these functions may be impaired more slowly and weaker. Slow speech and limitation of vocabulary become noticeable. Patients forget the words but replace them with similar ones. Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by a violation of complex motor actions – apraxia, which in Pick’s disease is not significant.

3) Mental disorders

In rare cases, with Pick’s disease, mental disorders such as rudimentary hallucinatory episodes, brief periods of increased arousal, delusional utterance occur. With Alzheimer’s disease, delusion may occur at the later stages of the disease. In 30 percent of patients, these syndromes appear in the middle stage of the disease.

4) Additional research data

Despite the above, it can be quite challenging to differentiate the two diseases from each other. Additional studies on Pick’s disease, such as MRI and CP, show symmetrical atrophy of the temporal or frontal areas of the brain. With Alzheimer’s disease, the changes may not necessarily occur at the initial stages of the disease.

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Pick’s Disease: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment in the Elderly

Pick’s Disease: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment in the Elderly


Heredity. The disease may develop due to hereditary reasons if one of the family members or relatives have been diagnosed by Pick’s disease previously. Severe traumatic brain injuries, which subsequently led to the death of neurons. Severe mental disorders that were suffered by a person previously in their life.


Difficulty in speaking and writing, changes in behavior.

Personality changes during the early stages of the disease.

Due to atrophic changes in the frontal areas of the brain, sudden mood swings may occur that is characterized by irresponsibility to domestic and work duties, absent-mindedness, etc.  With atrophy of the temporal divisions, a state opposite to the first occurs suspiciousness, a feeling of being useless and being lost. Changes in speech may be observed, such as the reduction of an active vocabulary, repeating same words again and again, and distortion of the grammatical structure of sentences.

Patients no longer understand the speech addressed to them, lose their skills in self-care, personal hygiene, periodically they have sudden flashes of arousal. Obesity and the development of cachexia are characteristic of the middle stage of Pick’s disease. There are strong changes in personal qualities. The patient needs constant supervision. As a result of the disease, a highly educated person with a rich vocabulary, watching their appearance for several months can become a slovenly, tactless individual who cannot speak coherently.

Treatment options:

There are no special treatments for Pick’s disease in modern psychiatry. Treatment is prescribed in accordance with the symptoms and severity of the disease. The following four groups of drugs may be prescribed by the doctors:

  • With the help of MFI inhibitors and antidepressants, substitution treatment is carried out.
  • Neuroprotectors stimulate metabolic brain processes and cell activity, which slows down the development of atrophy.
  • Anti-inflammatory therapy may also be conducted.
  • Sedatives and drugs that can reduce aggressive manifestations are assigned to correct existing mental disorders.

Patients need the constant support of loved ones. In the later stages of Pick’s disease, it is crucial not to leave them alone, as this can be dangerous both for themselves and others. Treatment is aimed only at alleviating the patient’s condition and slowing the progression of negative brain changes.

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Reasonable Living Programs

Reasonable Living Programs


We have talked about seniors who have been financially capable in their working years. However, we presently can’t seem to talk about financial help for seniors who are living close or beneath the poverty line. As per the National Council on Aging, in excess of 25 million seniors age 60 and up are financially insecure.  Find a medicare supplement plan here to cover your health needs.

This implies they are living on under $29,425 every year, which causes financial pressure when managing rising food, housing, vitality, and transportation costs. Attach the expanded expenses of therapeutic consideration for seniors, and the financial issues for this financial group become dire.

There are a few financial assets to help the moderate senior living. These include:

  1. Social Security Income (SSI)

SSI is a type of financial help. This is accessible to low-salary people age 65 and up. It also for the individuals who are visually impaired or debilitated. SSI gives low-salary seniors money every month for them to pay for food, housing, vitality, and garment costs. Could a senior get Social Security advantages and SSI in the meantime? Truly, if the individual has constrained resources and assets when joined with SSI. This implies they are as yet living underneath the poverty line.

  1. Medicaid

People who fit the bill for SSI will be consequently selected in Medicaid in many states. If the individual lives in an expression that does not naturally select them in Medicaid, they should apply for this all alone. Medicaid can be utilized to subsidize long-term care.

Medicaid and Medicare cooperate to give a progressively thorough health care benefit. It likewise takes care of restorative expenses for seniors who were not ready. This is to take out private social insurance coverage or long-term care insurance in their grown-up for a long time.

  1. Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly

Another type of exhaustive medical coverage for seniors is the Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). It offers medical and social administrations for seniors who are qualified for Medicaid. It is a program offered by Medicare and Medicaid to help cover the costs of seniors. This is for those who need to remain within their locale as opposed to setting off to a helped living or nursing home.


  • To qualify, the senior individual must be qualified to go into a nursing home. This while still ready to live safety within their locale.
  • With PACE, the senior gets all medical and social services from an incorporated group of human services experts.
  • They never again experience social insurance suppliers by means of Medicaid or Medicare, and PACE handles the financial administrations for the senior.


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However, you must not get confused regarding the selection of the Medicare supplement insurance plan. Therefore, along with knowing the criteria, you must also read out all the features available in a plan. Only then should you take the final decision. Therefore, you can expect to get quality insurance at affordable rates. Moreover, the hassles involved in these plans are also less, due to which you would not have any problem receiving the benefits of the plan. Most doctors and clinics accept this, and the entire processing is done carefully and in a timely manner.

Are you wondering what exactly a Medicare supplement is? Well, a Medicare supplement that is also known as the Medigap insurance is basically a private health insurance policy that supplements the original Medicare plan. Therefore, to put it simply, cover the health care expenses that are not covered by Medicare. A lot of people think that a supplement is like a Medicare Advantage. This however is wrong. A supplement is definitely not a way to win Medicare benefits and therefore it is not akin to the Advantages.

If you are interested in Medicare there are a few important things that you need to know. Firstly, you need to understand that the best time to purchase a Medicare supplement is open enrolment period. This period lasts for 6 months beginning on the very first day of the month you attain 65 years of age or more. The second thing you need to know is what the things a Medicare supplement does not cover are. It does not cover any kind of long term health care, dental care, vision care, hearing aids and private duty nursing. However the new supplement policy is renewable. It is important to have this information.