Causes and Symptoms of Cerebral Edema in Older Adults

Causes and Symptoms of Cerebral Edema in Older Adults

Brain swelling or cerebral edema does not develop overnight but when it does you will need Health Insurance 2020 from . Usually, it is provoked by some kind of disease, which the doctor must necessarily diagnose, otherwise swelling of the brain in an old person can lead to death. Also, it is almost impossible to eliminate the disease without identifying its cause.

Factors that cause swelling of the brain in seniors:

impaired blood circulation;

various hemorrhages in the brain;


massive transfusions;

various head and brain injuries;

acute inflammatory processes;

excess use of certain drugs;

fragile body in the postoperative period;

allergy with various manifestations.

Symptoms of cerebral edema in an old person are difficult to identify, because a number of other diseases may also show similar symptoms. And the only way to distinguish between them is through suitable medical examinations. If the patient experiences the below symptoms for an extended period of time, it would be wise to consult with an expert immediately.


lack of appetite;

nausea or vomiting;

lack of understanding of the surrounding reality;

thirst for sleep;

fatigue after sleep;

pain from the movement of the eyeballs.

This is an incomplete list of symptoms of cerebral edema in an old person. But if the patient is already experiencing the above symptoms, they need to urgently consult their doctor. If you notice that the patient feels very bad, immediately call an ambulance, and before its arrival, you should:

undress an elderly person and put them to bed;

open the windows, as the patient needs a sufficient amount of oxygen;

if the patient has vomiting, turn their head to a position where the vomit does not obstruct breathing;

if cramps begin, hold the limbs and head of the patient to avoid blows.

The rest should be assisted by specialists. A neurologist can detect edema of the brain in an old person if they notice that the patient’s condition is worsening and meningeal symptoms appear. Due to the fact that the swelling of the brain in an old person is a dangerous condition, it requires emergency medical care. Diagnostics must be carried out in special institutions as soon as possible in order to avoid further complications.