Dangers of Chronic Constipation in Seniors

Dangers of Chronic Constipation in Seniors

Chronic constipation must be treated on time, as it can lead to consequences of arying severity. The main complications of this condition are:

Crack in the anus

This is a condition where a rupture occurs in the mucous membrane lining the final section of the rectum, due to trauma by solid stool masses, which can have different shapes and different depths. If an acute fracture is not treated, it becomes chronic, which is accompanied by intense pain in the rectum, which becomes unbearable when using the toilet. Also, a rectal crack can become infected. In this case, an abscess may develop – paraproctitis; the absorption of bacteria into the blood can lead to infection of the latter.


The expansion is located in the rectum of the choroid plexus, which can bleed when straining, sometimes very strongly. In addition to bleeding, hemorrhoids can also cause severe rectal pain.

Chronic intoxication

The main objective of the large intestine is the absorption of excess fluid from the feces, as well as – to move them further into the rectal ampulla. When stool ceases to move (as a result of constipation or intestinal spasm), the absorption of fluid from them does not stop, and with this fluid toxic substances enter the blood, which should have been removed with feces. They poison the body.

If constipation in older people is treated independently, only with the help of laxatives, the intestines will become “lazy” and might not work independently, waiting for the next dose of the drug. Overcoming this issue can be quite challenging. In order to prevent the development of such consequences, you need to take your elderly relative to a gastroenterologist and carry out the examinations prescribed by them. And although such a diagnosis requires training in terms of compliance with the 3-day diet and taking “Activated Carbon” or another sorbent, appropriate treatment can be prescribed based on its results. If the patient is lying down, then a visit to the therapist may become essential.

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