Major Differences Between Alzheimer’s and Pick Disease

Major Differences Between Alzheimer’s and Pick Disease

Diseases progress in old age and are characterized by increasing dementia, therefore, it is not easy to diagnose them. First of all, doctors examine the development and structure of the disease. They may evaluate the following changes:

1) Personality, memory and “instrumental” functions of the intellect

Pick’s disease is characterized by personality changes already at the beginning of the disease. The following may become noticeable:

  • Childishness;
  • Disinhi
  • Degradation of speech and motor activity;
  • Lack of spontaneity;

Unmotivated behavior.

Medicare supplement plan F 2019People who are beginning to develop Pick’s disease can, at the initial stage, perform actions that harm their social status and financial situation: for example, they leave home and work, they begin to wander. Although these symptoms are also characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease, they may develop when the disease has progressed much further. Alzheimer’s disease starts with memory loss. The patient forgets received information, new facts. Weak cognitive impairment occurs. Personality changes remain imperceptible for a long time.

2) Disturbances of speech, movements, reading, and writing

  • The next symptom of an early stage of Pick’s disease is a speech disorder:
  • Decreased speech activity;
  • Depletion of vocabulary;
  • Stereotype

In Alzheimer’s disease, these functions may be impaired more slowly and weaker. Slow speech and limitation of vocabulary become noticeable. Patients forget the words but replace them with similar ones. Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by a violation of complex motor actions – apraxia, which in Pick’s disease is not significant.

3) Mental disorders

In rare cases, with Pick’s disease, mental disorders such as rudimentary hallucinatory episodes, brief periods of increased arousal, delusional utterance occur. With Alzheimer’s disease, delusion may occur at the later stages of the disease. In 30 percent of patients, these syndromes appear in the middle stage of the disease.

4) Additional research data

Despite the above, it can be quite challenging to differentiate the two diseases from each other. Additional studies on Pick’s disease, such as MRI and CP, show symmetrical atrophy of the temporal or frontal areas of the brain. With Alzheimer’s disease, the changes may not necessarily occur at the initial stages of the disease.

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