Ointments to Treat Bedsores in the Elderly

Ointments to Treat Bedsores in the Elderly

1) Argosulfan

It is an antibiotic cream based on sulfathiazole, which effectively fights the growth and reproduction of pathogenic micro flora. The drug allows you to remove pain, moisturize the wound, speed up its healing process. The cream is applied to the previously cleaned surface of the bedsores with a layer of 2-3 mm 2-3 times a day. The drug can be used in conjunction with an occlusive dressing. Treatment lasts no more than two months.

2) Iruksol ointment

With this drug, you can clean the bedsore wounds and eliminate dead tissue. The ointment has a bacteriostatic effect.

3) Levosin ointment

The drug contains sulfadimetoksin and chloramphenicol, providing antimicrobial effect which promotes healing, and trimekain, which relieves pain. The ointment allows you to eliminate bedsores in the elderly in a short time. The decubitus wounds are cleansed of purulent accumulations. The ointment should be applied every day on pre-cleansed skin after which you need to cover the treated area with a dressing. The ointment can be injected into the purulent cavity with a syringe.

4) Levomekol

The ointment contains methyluracil and chloramphenicol. Its usage can help improve tissue regeneration. The ointment also has an antibacterial effect. It is used if the pressure ulcers in the elderly are purulent-necrotic in nature.

5) Metronidazole gel 0.75%.

The drug has a powerful antimicrobial effect. The gel is used with dressings. It inhibits the growth of microbes, eliminates unpleasant odor from pressure wounds. If the bedsores in the elderly are accompanied by abundant secretions, it is recommended to use a foam bandage with metronidazole. If we are talking about dry bedsores, then hydrogel dressings with metronidazole are better suited.

6) Proteox TM

This remedy is used to treat infected bedsores in the elderly. The drug is suitable for exposure to pressure sores in the final stage. It allows you to clean the bedsores from pus and dead tissue. In addition, it also prevents the development of inflammation and promotes healing.

7) Biaten AG

It allows you to treat weeping bedsores in the elderly, including those infected. Treatment requires the use of 1-10 dressings, each of which is applied for 1-7 days. Bandages are replaced as they are soaked.

8) Comfil Plus

It is suitable for the treatment of uninfected pressure sores.

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